Staff Training

Two steps: first Theoretical, than Practical part

Training overview

  1. Medical basics of hyperthermia (optional part, according to the needs of the trained group)
  2. Technical aspects of system operation
  3. The theory of treatment on a patient
  4. Safety rules
  5. Commissioning of the device
  6. Performing the procedure on a patient
  7. The most common mistakes

Detailed course of training

  1. Medical basics (optional part, according to the needs of the trained group)
    • Hyperthermia as an immunomodulating factor (the effect of hyperthermia on the response of the immune system)
    • Hyperthermia in combination with radiotherapy
    • Hyperthermia in combination with chemotherapy
    • Indications and contraindications
    • Synthesis of the results of the most important clinical trials
    • Activities of the most important scientific societies promoting knowledge about hyperthermia
  2. Overview of the basic steps in a hyperthermia session
    • Technical aspects of system operation
      • Treatment unit
      • The process of switching the system on / off
      • Exchange of applicators
      • Preparation of the treatment bed
      • Emergency situations
      • Bed care (disinfection, cleaning, etc.)
    • Control panel with computer and screens
      • System on / off process
      • Patient data management
      • Setting session parameters
      • Other software functions (data saving, printouts, etc.)
      • Emergency situations
  3. Treatment on a patient
    • General remarks on the approach to the patient depending on his health, age and other personal characteristics
    • Preparing the patient to get onto the bed
    • Checking clothing and body, providing basic explanations about the course of the procedure, etc.
    • Rules for the use of water boluses
    • Control of the course of the procedure
    • Emergency situations
    • Completion of the procedure
  4. Live observation of the treatment performed on the patient
  5. The most common mistakes
  6. A test verifying the knowledge and skills of participants and a discussion of its results

Training participants who have successfully completed point 7 receive Certificates.

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